CKD Fabricators Co-operative Ltd.

For the first time in Cumberland County, blueberry growers and Harvester Operators have another option for blueberry harvesters.  Find out the benefits and new innovations of CKD's new patented cam system.  There are numerous benefits and advantages with this new system.  Save Money and call us today!

Diligent River NS B0M 1H0

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Don't forget to check out all of the other things CKD does.  We've been welding and manufacturing for over 10 years as a company now.  We manufacture numerous trailers, salt spreaders, tanks, hoppers, Easy Lander, mowers, paint (centerline) trucks, and lots more.  (Click a button on the left to find out more.)

CKD Fabricators Ltd. is owned and operated by Kenneth Dowe.  Ken has many years of experience with innovations, repairs and equipment.  Ken is very well known for his inventions, and improvements that he has made to existing machinery.  We currently have a patent on our new harvester (cam).  It is CKD's mission to manufacture and sell these new harvesters and allow potential buyers a new option when is comes to buying harvesters (and parts too).  We also have a new design for bin loaders (to load the bins of blueberries while harvesting.)

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