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Our company has done maintenance and repairs on all the other makes of Harvesters on the market today.  We listened to all the suggestions operators had and added our own ideas.  We designed this harvester and picked for one of the largest blueberry growers in Cumberland County, NS.  He had 9 other heads of his own (2 different manufactures) and this harvester picked through hay, golden rod and other weeds.  This harvester has a very low maintenance picking head, can be three or four feet, and saves fuel, time, and labour costs.  The Head runs very quiet and smooth.

- Parts for all makes of Harvesters

- Bin Loaders Available (back racks)

- Complete Harvesters Available

- Harvester Heads Available

- Maintenance on all makes

Diligent River NS B0M 1H0

Phone: (902) 254-2176

Fax: (902) 254-2391


One of the more recent trends in the blueberry harvester industry is to create more specialized equipment and to focus research and development on providing multi task harvesters that are attractive to the companies/growers with less market capitalization.  It is CKD’s goal to be the industry leader in focusing on these trends and being the first to market with this innovative design.

We currently have a pending patent on our new harvester (cam).  It is CKD’s mission to manufacture and sell these new harvesters and allow potential buyers a new option when it comes to buying harvesters. 


We also have a new design for bin loaders (to load the bins of blueberries while harvesting). 


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